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First Nations & Inuit Health

Health Promotion

Health Canada is dedicated to helping First Nations people and Inuit care for, improve and maintain their health. We offer unique programs and services to reflect the cultures of First Nations and Inuit which respect their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as family and community backgrounds.

Health Canada works with communities to make sure First Nations and Inuit children are immunized. We provide programs and services to help decrease illnesses, ensure healthy environments, increase healthy lifestyles and support mental and emotional needs.

What Information is Available?

In this section, you will find information on how to prevent injuries, diseases and suicide, as well as how to strengthen and maintain good mental health. You will learn about healthy habits, which will help you to succeed at improving and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Information is also available on environmental health services, specifically relating to radon and how it can impact the quality of indoor air.

In this Topic

  • Environmental Public Health
  • Keeping Safe - Injury Prevention
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Suicide Prevention

Related Information

Food and Nutrition

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  • Canada's Food Guide - First Nations, Inuit and MÚtis - Explore Canada's Food Guide tailored to reflect traditions and food choices of First Nations, Inuit and MÚtis.
  • Next link will take you to another Web site Food safety for First Nations - Information, fact sheets and videos to help you handle, prepare and store food safely at home, when hunting, gathering or fishing, and when you attend community events.

Water and Wastewater

Engagement Process - Regulatory Development for Water and Wastewater in First Nation Communities